Plus Cosme Project is converting waste cosmetics into Art Material.

CAUSE:Wasted Cosmetics
Do you have cosmetics make up that you don't use anymore??
Some of the reasons, people don't use unfinished cosmetics make up, and become waste cosmetics.
"I'm not sure when I bought them"
"It's old"
"Doesn't look good on me anymore..."
"I'm tired of this color..."
SOLUTION : Recycling
Do you know how much wasted cosmetics each year??
In our resaearch, 2/3 Japanese women have thrown away their cosmetic make up, they haven't finished using.
Instead of just throwing your cosmetic make up waste, recycle them next time.



BENEFIT : Recycle waste cosmetic to Art Material
Recycling makes people smile.
Through our workshops,

people learn about recycling wasted cosmetics to new art material, enjoy painting, and recycling other materials...


We believe that cosmetics not only makes people feel beautiful from the outside.
Recycling makes our inside beautiful.